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Engineering Magic

Georgia Southern University created a spotlight with Kronos! Special thanks to the Georgia Southern marketing team, Justin Hinckley, Dr. Brian Vlcek and Dr. Biswanath Samanta.


Kronos – Person Tracking

Here is a demonstration of Kronos tracking a person.  Kronos has been painted and in the process of being touched up.  Upgrades are coming for one of the linear actuators and servomotor.

Quick Demo Video

The mechanical components are complete despite some small tweaking.  The dragon is getting patched this week and will be ready for paint by the weekend.  There will be another video soon with the interactive elements.

New Neck Assembly

The parts for the new neck have been printed and assembled.  This will greatly increase the mechanical positioning of the head.  The four disks were printed all at once which amounted to a 25 hour print!


CAD Model for Wings and Neck

These are the CAD models for the final versions of the wings and neck assemblies.  The wings will be all laser cut while the neck requires mostly 3D printing.

neck wings2

Head Mechanical Assembly




The parts for the head assembly have been printed, laser cut, and assembled!


Head Assembly ready for Laser Cutting and 3D Printing

The head assembly includes the head rotation, jaw and blinking eyes.  The model is finished and I have checked the tolerances so that the parts will actually fit together.  Should have the parts ready early next week!


Dragon Skeleton Update

The skeleton of the dragon is almost complete.  The head assembly is currently being 3D printed and there should be updates in about a week.  The wings will receive some structural upgrades as necessary when aesthetic parts are added.



Table Underside Nearing Completion

The underside mechanics and wiring are nearly complete.  There may be some tweaking or upgrades long term but for now this is the system.  The large linear actuator is for the major lift of the neck and head.


Actuator for Neck Rotation

A new Firgelli L16 actuator has been installed for rotating the neck assembly.  The actuator is perfect for this application because the worm gear drive holds position with little to no power.


Tail Motor Installed

The tail motor has been installed with the belt drive.  The rotational motion is turned linear for lifting and lowering the tail.  The green lit item is the HB-25 motor controller.

Tail Motor

Cleaned up Wiring

I cleaned up the wiring for the Arduino and the servo controller.   The controller platform is a little more compact now. DSC01202


New Tail Lifting Motor

Installing a larger DC motor to power the tail lifting mechanism.  Sometimes the little RC servomotors can only do so much.  The motor will continually rotate with the pulley cable attached to the ball linkage on the larger timing belt wheel.  Converting rotating motion into linear motion.  More pictures to come!

Tail Motor

Eye Mechanism In Progress

I am currently finishing the model for the eye blinking mechanism to be 3D printed.  The mechanism will also have the capability for opening and closing the jaw.

Eye Mechanism

Kronos Beta Video

This is the first test of the Kronos 2.0 with skin. I am currently waiting on some linear actuators which will give him a larger range of motion.  Also, the mechanism for the jaw and blinking eyes are being 3D printed.  Wings are in progress as well.  The jittering motion will be resolved soon.

Updated Research Poster

Below is an updated research poster that was presented for the Dr. Gregory P. Domin Graduate Research Conference at Columbus State University.  Click on the image view larger.

Kronos October 2014 Poster

Negative Mold Ready for Casting

So the mother mold did not hold up as well as anticipated so a mold for the mold shells was made.  Just about ready for casting!


Mother Mold Shells

We want the soft mold to stay the same shape when the clay is taken out of the inside. Therefore, we created these hard mother mold shells.

Mother Mold Start

You Only thought it was Wet

The soft mold looks wet but is actually cured!

Soft Mold Upside Down

Soft Mold

Because of the undercuts, a soft mold is needed before the hard shells are made.  The soft mold material is silicone (Rebound 25).  Kind of looks like it just crawled out of an egg!?  Yeah it looks gross.

Soft Mold

Arduino and Other Hardware

The Arduino, servo controller, MP3 shield and power supply have been mounted underneath the table. The buttons on the top right of the picture are for power to the boards, switching modes and disconnecting Arduino to the servo controller for uploading programs. Added Arduino and Hardware

Completed Clay Body

Kronos 2.0’s body has been completely sculpted.  The head still needs to be touched up and the wings still need to be made.   Justin has done an excellent job of adding scales.  The tricky part will be molding and casting all of the undercuts…but I have a plan.  The peach colored stuff underneath the tail is silicone for the soft mold.

Kronos 2.0 Sculpted Body

Mechanism and Servo Motor Mounting

The internal structure has begun.  The disks for the neck were 3D printed as well as the larger pulley wheel on the one servomotor mounted underneath the table.




Completed Table

The table has been sanded and stained.